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How to End Emotional Pain with Love
Mini Course

Barbara Longsworth Training was created out of a deep passion to help others end their emotional pains. Barbara’s passion to share what she has learnt grew stronger as she experienced over 50 years of trauma and emotional pain in her life.

End Emotional Pain
with Love

Barbara has amassed countless tools she received during her experiences. These tools are filled with healing steps to help others end their emotional pains. By committing and implementing these simple but powerful tools, a person can lessen the pain that holds them hostage today and create a lifestyle that has no limits except for the limitations we create for ourselves..



Here is what awaits you…


MODULE 1: Understanding

The first step to being freed from the shackles of stressful, traumatic and bad experiences is to understand why we have these types of experiences in the first place.  This awareness alone will give us the strength to create the lifestyle of our dreams, lessen the hold past experiences have on us, and tremendously shorten the learning curve needed to generate a happy and fulfilled life.  Understanding why we have stressful experiences becomes a tool to replace pain and stress with love for others and ourselves. With this understanding we:  

  • Learn to handle both current and future stressors and not fear them. 
  • View life from a positive perspective that involves accepting the negative and unjustifiable experiences that happens in life.  
  • See experiences in life as an opportunity and as gifts.  
  • Learn to love others and our self and accept all as unique individuals.

MODULE 2:  De-Cluttering and Taking Responsibility

In this Module we will be focusing on the way we feel, think, act and react as these aspects play a huge role in how our challenges are created; as well how we can find the solutions to them. This step serves as the climax to success.   

  • Clear your mind of the thoughts that do not matter so that you can make the way for the thoughts that will lead you to creating the lifestyle you want.  
  • Learn to sort through what is helping and what is hindering you from living the life you want.  
  • Learn to take responsibility for all that you think, feel and do as it establishes and gives ownership to the control you have over your life. Have control in accomplishing your goals.

MODULE 3:  Discovering Purpose and Building Confidence

When our minds are occupied with emotional pain and trauma, there is always a reason why we don’t have what we want or do in any given moment. Our conscious and subconscious mind are too busy to allow us to clearly see what we really want and what we must do to get it.  

  • Learn how to overcome fears and build confidence.  
  • Get rid of bad habits and replace them with healthy and purposeful new ones so that you can create what you want in your life and enjoy the process.  
  • Learn to love yourself and recognize the love you already have in your life.  
  • Let go of the belief that the love you seek and want should come from someone else. 

MODULE 4:  Committing to Yourself and Your Purpose

The intents we have and the actions we take will always create results. We must ask ourselves if every action we take is generating a happy and prosperous life.  

  • Learn to remain persistent to your goals.  
  • Learn how results are not possible without action. 
  • This step will teach us to not stop at just believing that our goals are possible but actually offer tools to see it through. 
  • It will help us establish and build healthier relationships for support. 


A recipe created by Barbara as she learnt how to cope with the experience of infidelity in her own life:




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