Barbara Longsworth


How to End Emotional Pain with Love

Feel more confident that you have the inner strength and tools to end any emotional pain you have now and what you may face in the future.

End Emotional Pain
with Love

Barbara  Longsworth  Trainings  are  filled  with  healing  steps  she  has  amassed  through  her  50  plus  years  of  trauma  and  emotional  pains,  and  which  she  now  shares  to  help  people  go  from  a  life  of  struggle  and  emotional  pain  –  to  a  lifestyle  that  has  no  limits  except  for  the  limitations  we  create  for  ourselves.



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  • Discover the key that fills any void in your life.

  • Develop the understanding of why we have emotional pain.

  • Learn how to stop the sabotage of your success that keeps you hostage.

  • Rid yourself of fears so you can step into opportunities that can create the lifestyle and dreams you so deserve.

  • End negative self-talk, be mindful and change the beliefs that no longer serve your truth.

  • Have tools to use to minimize emotional pain, overcome anxiety and worry.

  • ...and much more.




Barbara Longsworth

How often does fear hold us back in life and prevent us from doing what we are destined to do? How often do our own choices hold us in a pattern of negativity and defeat? How can we break that cycle to reach our potential and attain our goals?

Barbara Longsworth has the answers. Her gentle, encouraging manner inspires us to see that there is hope in life, that we can replace fear with purpose, and that we can create the life we want.

Barbara was born in Belize to a ruling class family. Her father was a magistrate who eventually became a Supreme Court Justice. He imparted to his children the importance of giving back to one’s community. Eventually, Barbara moved to Kuwait where, at the beginning of the Gulf War, she was held hostage by the Iraqis for four weeks. The extreme heat triggered life-threatening health conditions. Barbara also suffered many more traumas throughout her life.

She learned to love through the misbehavior of other and wrote a book: Infidelity: The Silver Lining Behind Your Relationship Cloud.

Her search to end emotional pain resulted in her becoming a PTSD Trauma Specialist & Trainer, a Coach Instructor, a Master & Mentor Coach, Relationship Coach and Speaker. Barbara has also studied with Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high performance and motivational coach, in order to offer more to her audience.

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